Bridal Raves

“Makeup maven Amy Wall was my wedding-day acne-ridden face’s savior.

I went to see Amy the Thursday before the wedding to get some lash work done. Amy was all, “What’s going on with your chin.” I was like, “Yeah. I know.” Amy: “Umm… Ok. We need to take care of this before Saturday.” Then she proceeded to do some sort of ozone treatment on my freakish face to try to lessen the disaster area. Apparently, bacteria can’t survive in the presence of ozone. As convoluted as it sounds, it worked. No, I still didn’t have porcelain skin, but the blemishes were considerably lessened.

Then on the big day, she went on to give me long lashes and paint my face up picture perfectly and exactly how I had envisioned it. She sent me home with products to keep my skin in check after the wedding and I’ve emailed her numerous times since to get tips and ask for advice on products. I just wish I lived closer so I could go on the regular for skin care. The girl knows what’s up.”

—Alexis M.

“I am SO not a makeup girl – in fact, I don’t wear any on a day-to-day basis. So looking for someone to do my makeup for my wedding was a bit scary. I didn’t want to look unnatural. After scanning through Amy’s website, I decided to use her to do the makeup for my wedding. Boy, am I glad I did!

When I met Amy a few weeks before the wedding to discuss details, I knew I made the right choice. Amy is down-to-earth and downright cool. I instantly felt comfortable with her.

She traveled to the Elk Cove Inn on the wedding day with her contracted hairstylist, Kali. As planned, Amy did me and my maid of honor. We both loved it. It was natural and beautiful. Amy (at last minute) even agreed to do my sister, who has Down syndrome and is deaf… which really made my sister’s day!

My makeup lasted all day and everyone commented on how gorgeous I looked – which is what every bride wants!

-Alexandra C.

“I am definitely not the type of girl who wears a whole lot of make-up or feels the importance of spending more than 15 minutes in the bathroom to get all dolled up. So, when my sister asked me who was going to do my hair and make-up for my wedding…I was like…errr…myself? Without hesitation, she responded, “No! Find a salon…fast!”

I asked around town for recommendations to salons in Mendocino. I was lucky to discover that a friend of a friend had her make-up done with Amy at Mendocino Beauty for her wedding. I checked out Amy’s online “Look Book” and was satisfied with her style. I set up a consultation and connected with Amy right away. She was cool, calm, professional, and knew exactly what I wanted.

I went in for a trial run with Kali for hair and Amy for make-up the day before my wedding. I was absolutely glowing with satisfaction. On my wedding day, my hair and make-up looked even better than the trial run.

Amy is a genius at what she does – very laid back – and she provides the best customer service you can ever hope for. She used a color on my lips that I didn’t have, so I wanted to buy it. She was out of that specific color, so she gave me the only one she had. Thank you, Amy!

Overall: This is DEFINITELY your go to place for all your beauty needs. Amy will take care of you with great suggestions and customer service.”
—Liz C.

Amy really listens to what you want, but also gives advice and expertise on what she thinks will work best for your face / skin. She really made my face look amazing on the day – but still made me look like me – the make up was natural and elegant and lasted my whole wedding.”
—Gina C.

“Amy specializes in natural makeup so everything she did just enhanced each person’s natural beauty.
I’ve been a event coordinator with over 10 years of experience so believe me when I say I’ve seen and worked with a lot of hair and make-up stylists. It was a pleasure to work with friendly and talented people who have their clients’ interests in mind. I STRONGLY recommend using Mendocino Beauty for your next Mendocino affair.”

“Amy Wall and Jocelyn Dechenne are the best!  They made me feel beautiful on my very special wedding day – Amy did my make up and Jocelyn did my hair for my wedding on Sept 20, 2008.

We had a trial run months before the wedding so we could get to know each other and do a test run before my big day.  Amy really knows how to individualize the make up for my face.  Jocelyn did my hair – and although the first trial run wasn’t about getting the hair do nailed down – it gave her a chance to look at my hair and practice with it.  We totally changed the style on the day and it came out perfect.

Amy really listens to what you want, but also gives advice and expertise on what she thinks will work best for your face / skin.  She really made my face look amazing on the day – but still made me look like me – the make up was natural and elegant and lasted my whole wedding.

Jocelyn did my hair and my flower girls.  She was wonderful – she was efficient and exceeded expectations on what I wanted.   My flower girl Taylor – who had curly hair – we were all stunned to how pretty she looked.  She did a french roll for me and placed the cutest sparklers in my hair.  She really did exactly what I wanted – it was perfect.

Thanks Amy and Jocelyn for doing a fantastic job!”

—Gina C.

Skincare Raves

“I have known Amy for many years and when she pursued this career I felt it was her calling. I had the pleasure during my last visit to Mendocino to see her beautiful salon and have a facial from her which was just as I thought it would be…..amazing! Her presence and professionalism, even as my friend, was superb and utterly relaxing. She has a wonderful sense of what people need and is such an asset to the community. I cant wait for my next visit!”
-Jody Natalina

“It has been a pleasure to watch Amy blossom in business. She started out small and brought something so fantastic to Mendocino that she has to keep expanding to meet all of her clients’ needs. Your face is her canvas……she leaves you with a lasting impression every time. It is so nice to be able to buy quality skin care and make-up locally at a reasonable price. It is also nice that Amy doesn’t limit your choice of skin care products – she carries different brands for all skin types. Thank you, Amy, for spoiling us…..you are the best!”
—Douna Dooley

“Having known Amy for only a few years, it has been my pleasure to be one of her clients. I have recieved expert advice and services from Mendo Beauty. Amy has always given me her complete attention, pampered me, listened to my needs and made great suggestions for me to follow. My visits to Amy at Mendo Beauty are something I look forward to with eagerness. Continued success in the beautiful new (large) space in Mendocino.”
—Barbara Sochaki

“Amy was able to bring out my inner beauty ~ highlight my best features ~ she made me feel absolutely gorgeous on my wedding day.

I didn’t have a picture to show the hair stylist the style I imagined, but she was able to style my hair exactly how I wanted ~ it was so perfect!”
—Kristen Young

“I live in Mendocino and recently got married here. There was no question in my mind where I would go to get my make-up and hair done. I have always gone to Mendocino Beauty for facials, skin treatment advice and products. My skin has never looked better since I have been getting treatments by Amy and using her products. So, of course, I trusted Amy to do an outstanding job for my BIG day and she so did!

I got an ear full of compliments on how amazing I looked that day and the pictures turned out beautiful.

I always recommend Amy for either make-up or beauty treatments. It has changed and saved my skin to look better than it has in years. Thank-you Amy!!
—Erin Loomis Evans

I started going to Amy Wall at Mendocino Beauty a few years ago, when she had the water tower building in Mendocino. I was referred to her by  a friend. I had never had a facial before, and I had my first one there. I have never let anyone else touch my skin since then!

I just had my most recent facial last week, and as usual Amy did a wonderful job. My skin felt rejuvenated and soft as a baby’s behind! It may have been one of the best facials I have gotten there. It was relaxing and felt great! The mask at the end was chilly and fabulous!

I also get all my skincare products from Amy. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, powder, and mascara. I love the Blinc mascara. Once she showed me that, I have never gone back to regular mascara. Last week she recommended a new “serum” that I use as my moisturizer now and it is really excellent, and smells wonderful. Well worth the money.

Amy also does my eyebrows! On occasion Danielle Frey at Mendocino Beauty does them also. I had never had any of this done before I started going to Amy. Now I know how to take care of myself and I think it’s really paying off!

Thank you Amy!

—Crystal P., Fort Bragg, CA

“I have known Amy for many years working with her on local boards, however, I had never been to see her as a client.  About 18 months ago I booked my first skin care treatment with her.  Well, needless to say I’m hooked.  She is passionate and very knowledgeable in her profession.   I highly recommend her and her team.  My husband commented recently on how good my skin looks!  Thank you Amy!!!”


“My husband and I came to Mendocino for our Anniversary over Memorial Day weekend and I had made an on-line appointment at Mendocino Beauty for a facial.

Amy the owner is amazing! I had used a prescription Retinol product and a prescription bleaching product and my skin reacted horribly to it! So I did not even know if I should have my facial…

Amy saw immediately how red and irritated my skin was and told me not to worry and that she has amazing products that will help my skin and that nothing she would do would irritate it more – quite contrary that the facial would really help.

The whole experience was so great! Her place is beautiful and it smells wonderful. The treatment room is lovely – the silk India style curtains bring a glowing light into the room – I loved the “twinkly lights” in a Cherri blossom branch arrangement – so fun – and everywhere you look there is something pretty to see…

The facial was amazing and so luxurious – Amy’s massage was incredibly relaxing and I felt all the stress melting away.

Nothing Amy applied to my skin hurt or irritated me and at the end of the facial I was in bliss! And OMG my skin looked amazing! Gone was the redness, gone was the irritation, gone were the dry, flaky splotches! My skin was glowing, dewy, hydrated and calm – it felt and looked amazing.

My husband picked me up and he noticed how great my skin looked right away! We walked down to the beach and took some pictures – and I look 10 years younger in the pics! And I am not wearing a stitch of make up (although if that is something you are interested in – check out Amy’s amazing array of make up – she has her own beautiful Makeup room at the salon!)

Thank you Amy – for a wonderful experience and for healing my skin!”

—Joy S.


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