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All About Brows

*New*   Mendocino Beauty is now featuring a Brow Bar!

In the tradition of some of the larger makeup lines at department stores, we are offering an easy, convenient way to keep your brows looking in top shape right at our Mendocino Beauty Makeup Counter.

Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist, Danielle Frey is available to shape and groom your brows on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11-4 in our Makeup Room. $15

While you are there, ask to be color matched with one of our fabulous foundation formulas. We have loose, liquid and pressed Mineral Makeup lines, and we can help you find one to soothe and protect your skin while looking great.

Especially wonderful for calming freshly waxed skin!

Make an appointment online, or just stop by.

Walk-ins are welcomed and encouraged!

Tips and Tricks For Maintaining Your Own Beautiful Brows….

Our brows are the frame to our face and out of all of our features, are one of the most expressive and revealing.

Think of some  famous brows like the full, thick frame of Brooke Shields or the provocative arch of Marlene Dietrich and you can see that trends in brow shapes change radically and can become a real signature of style.

Use the following tips and tricks, and refer to the diagram below, to create the brow shape that is best for you.

  1. Always seek a licensed Professional if in doubt! Eyebrow hair can be stubborn and vigorous, but it can also stop growing where we consistently tweeze or wax. Make sure you are removing in areas that you really want bare.
  2. Use a mild tonic like Witch Hazel or Le Mieux’s Iso Cell Recovery Complex, before and after tweezing. This helps keep bacteria at bay and also calms and sooths the skin. Tweezing can cause pinpoint bleeding and open skin can get infected very easily.
  3. Keep your tweezers clean. Store them in a closed container and clean with alcohol after every use.
  4. Invest in some good tools. Having a great pair of tweezers, small scissors, spoolie brush and angled eye brush is invaluable.
  5. Step back from the close up mirror often and look at yourself from a distance. It is hard to see ourselves objectively when we are staring close up for a concentrated amount of time.
  6. They are Sisters, not Twins! Do not concentrate on keeping them completely even with each other. Of course we are aiming for symmetry, but each side of our face is a little different so go for proportion not identicalness.
  7. Don’t be afraid to put some color on them. Use a pencil or powder (with stiff, angled eye brush) anytime you want to extend the line of your brow, fill in sparse areas or camoflauge an area you are growing in.
  8. After using a pencil or powder always go over the color with your spoolie brush. This helps move the color into the brows and takes away any traces of brush or pencil marks. You will be amazed at how natural it looks.
  9. Always do eyebrow makeup when you do a dramatic makeup look. This sometimes get forgotten and it really pulls the whole look together.
  10. Create your own spoolie brush out of an old mascara wand! You need a new mascara every 3 months so this is a renewable resource. Just throw away the tube and wash the wand thoroughly with soap and water. Run through dishwasher to completely sanitize and you have a great new tool!  I also sell them at Mendocino Beauty if you prefer a longer handle or just like a beautiful brush!

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