Skincare Treatments

My philosophy is a simple and common sense one.

Feed the skin and support the immune function from within, and it will return to a state of natural health.

I believe that chronic inflammation due to overly aggressive exfoliation and immune suppressing topicals are the culprits behind many of the undesirable conditions we find ourselves dealing with and contribute to over-all premature aging.

For decades, the anti-aging industry has been telling us that we are turning back the clock with the use of acids, lasers, and a multitude of exfoliating devices. When In fact, we don’t look younger, we have more pigmentation issues, more skin cancers and more inflammation than ever.

In the quest to look younger by removing the top layers of our skin, all we have done is to thin our protective barrier, leaving us more susceptible to environmental and UV damage.

Increasing cell turnover is a worthy goal, but wounding the skin in the process is not worth the  damage that is created and ironically becomes the source of the majority of our visible aging.

My treatments are different. I concentrate on getting nutrients delivered and circulating to build healthy skin from the inside out. I use a fusion of the most advanced, powerful professional products with clean ingredient decks and proven delivery systems. I combine this with safe, non-invasive, light, current and sound machines, which are hand picked by me for being the most gentle and effective for treating and transforming your skin.

Together we will partner to create a one-of-a-kind treatment plan that will deliver the results you want to see and the deep calm you want to experience.


~Skin Rituals~

Consultation 50- applied to product or treatment purchase.

The Custom Blended Facial Experience 60 min.   135 Monthly/ 115

Includes brow shaping

The Custom Blended Facial Journey 90 min. 155 / Monthly 125

Includes brow shaping and extended LED

Sugared Facial 65

Includes calming mask

Sugared Brazilian Bikini 85 / Monthly 65

Brow Design 25

~Spa Rituals~

Infrared Sauna      45

Sauna & Facial   45

Le Petite Retreat (starting at) 150 per person

~Color Rituals~

Makeup Lesson 75

Red Carpet 100

Bridal 150- each additional 100

Onsite 200- each additional 150


Lash/Brow color 20

Underarms 25

Lip 15