Your Beauty is My Passion!

I believe that beauty should come naturally from the products used, to the ease in which they work. We are devoted to providing you with the highest quality products, superior service and an unforgettable atmosphere.

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Beauty Consultation

Makeup tip — Just because a product says it’s for the cheeks, don’t hesitate to try a little swept across your eyes or lips.  Remember- no rules!

Makeup tip — Cream concealers should be applied after your foundation for the maximum impact and coverage

Bridal Suite

Skincare Treatments

Skincare tip — If you invest in great serums and creams, you MUST tone your skin before hand. This wipes the skin of cleanser residues and preps it for the best penetration

Skincare tip – Let each product dry before adding the next one, i.e. serums and creams.  This allows for each product to interact with the skin with the fullest potential. BUT- don’t afraid to cocktail (mix) serums together!

Body and Facial Waxing

Body Therapies