Meet Amy

My philosophy is a simple and common sense one.

Feed the skin and support the immune function from within, and it will return to a state of natural health.


I am inspired by nature.

My upbringing was true to the Back-to-the-Land movement and I was fortunate to have conscious and progressive parents when it came to nutrition and personal care products. They instilled in me a sense that beauty stems from within: it is the natural result of healthy living and doing right by others. But luckily, I also had a fabulously chic grandmother, who shared in my love of glamor and let me know there’s nothing wrong with playing dress up, with seeing the fun and creativity in make-up and fashion. She and my 7 year old self both knew: sometimes you just need to slap on some lipstick and a rhinestone necklace in the middle of the afternoon to turn something mundane, like taking out the compost, into a grand event. These two worldviews: beauty as a result of holistic self-care, make-up and fashion as a means of self-expression are the principals that guide me through my  practice, Mendocino Beauty, which I established in 2004.

Most people who visit Mendocino are astounded by its natural beauty: the vibrant sunsets, the rolling sea, the abundance of wildlife and plants, the lack of light pollution, which at night makes for deeply starry skies. In fact, some are so moved by the tranquility of this region and the resulting friendliness of its people, that they find a way to call this remote region their home. Others hold it as a second home in their hearts: they keep coming back, year after year to unplug from workaday life, to retreat and regenerate. Some choose it as a place to get married, so that their loved ones can take in the beauty, so that they can keep coming back on vacation, on anniversaries, with their children, grandchildren, feeling a tie to Mendocino.

Living here, surrounded by nature, I have come to see beauty as a regenerative life-force: it is within us, it is around us, but in order to thrive, beauty must be nurtured. We radiate and reflect beauty when we feel good: about ourselves, about our relationships, about our work. Often, we expend so much energy on making sure that the needs of those around us are taken care of, that the expectations of work, family and friendships are being met, that we forget to leave something for ourselves at the end of the day. The more we neglect our self-care, the quicker we burn out, the less beautiful we feel.

Some people may see beauty treatments as frivolous, but I don’t. When we are kind to ourselves, when we do something just for ourselves, we feel refreshed, rejuvenated and as a result, more beautiful.  What’s so rewarding about the services I offer is that my clients can both see and feel the difference a specialized treatment or make-up session creates. I love teaching women make-up tricks that illuminate their best assets, or turning them on to a product that brings out the best in their skin.

Beauty can be as much about reinvention as it is rejuvenation. Sometimes seeing oneself in a new light, with a new look, can be the boost and inspiration we need to move confidently through life. It is in this spirit that I have turned what was essentially a garden shed on mine and my husband’s property, into Mendocino Beauty’s new Forest Studio. Set amongst the redwoods, away from the noise and distractions of workaday life, the Forest Studio is a place to come retreat, rejuvenate and recreate.

I look forward to sharing my passion, training and the evolution of Mendocino Beauty with you as a partner to facilitate and create life enhancing beauty experiences.

My Best, Amy Wall