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False Lashes Oh My!

False Lashes, who doesn’t love them? They make any makeup look more glamorous and the ability to make your eyes look bigger and flirtier is amazing.

Here are my quick and simple steps for applying false lashes on your own.

  1. Pick your lash type: Individual or strip. If you choose a strip make sure you hold it against your eye to measure and then trim any excess off. I always trim from the inside (shortest lashes) so that the long flirty edges stay intact.
  2. Lash glue: It comes in clear, white or black. Sometimes the lashes you buy will have some glue included. If you have a choice, buy black. With the white glue you will have to wait to dry and turn clear and the clear is very runny and needs to set up a bit before you apply the lashes. Apply a bit to the underside of your arm and wait 10 minutes to see if there is any reaction.
  3. BIG TIP: Put a mirror on the counter so you can look down at yourself and see your lashline clearly!!
  4. Apply a thin line of glue to the back of your non-dominant hand. Wash well when finished!
  5. Strip: Drag the strip gently through the glue so that a thin line coats the base of the lash. Wave in the air a few times (makes glue a little tacky and it won’t slide around as much). Looking down into the mirror, press the lash evenly to your natural lash line. Repeat.
    Individual lashes: Use the method above except using tweezers or your fingers, pick up a cluster of individual lashes and drag the knotted base through a little glue. Drag through your natural lash line and then settle the knot into the base of your lash line. Use varying lengths for a natural look, concentrating the longest ones on the outside edge.
  6. Fill in lashline with a black liner.
  7. Apply mascara while holding the back of the lashes firmly against a finger so that they don’t come loose with the motion of the mascara wand.
  8. Enjoy the compliments!!
  9. Removing false eyelashes:  Using lash glue remover or just a gentle cleanser remove gently, never pulling. If you have a strip, wash thoroughly and place back in box. They can be reused several times.

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