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New Treatment: PhotoFacial at Mendocino Beauty

We’ve all been there. It’s 10 p.m., you’ve just finished brushing your teeth and washing your face, now you’re staring into the mirror, scrutinizing your skin. Where did those fine lines come from? What’s the deal with this redness? And these pores! What is up with these pores? Then you break the spell, go to bed and  think “Well I guess them’s the breaks kid.” Perhaps you’ve thought about getting treatments for these imperfections- which by the way, all of us possess in some form or another- but then the idea of inconveniencing yourself by going out of town or paying exorbitant fees makes you feel a little vain or frivolous. So you learn to live with these lines and dots, but underneath it all you wish you didn’t have to rely on foundation and concealer so much.

Mendocino Beauty is pleased to announce that we now offer state of the art PhotoFacial treatments.

Using Photo Facial Technology, clients can expect to see a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores and discoloration.

These gentle sessions, which use the combined effects of light and heat energy (LHE),  are the first step in helping you put your best skin forward. This machine emits gentle pulses of light and heat to trigger an immune response in the skin, which leads to increased fibroblast production and new collagen formation. In other words, new skin! The treatment also opens the pores, allowing for enhanced absorption of serums and creams.

This unique technology will give you smooth creamy skin with reduced pore size, evened out texture and even correct discoloration. What’s great about this gentle treatment is that afterwards you won’t experience any redness or need for down time. People have experienced benefits from just one treatment, but for maximum results a series of 8 treatments, done twice weekly, is recommended.

Photo Facial: $100

Add-on to Custom Blended Facial: $50

Series of Eight: $600

To book a photofacial appointment with Amy or Danielle follow this link:

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Below are some before and after examples of people who have been treated with PhotoFacial technology (photos courtesy of Real Transformation Center):

Before: uneven red tones on neck.

After: evening of tone, reduction of fine lines.

Before: Age Spots and Fine Lines

After: even skin tone, reduced fine lines.

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